Sunday, July 3, 2011

Montreal Jazz Festival

Today's fav is Montréal!  Nothing beats Montreal in the summertime.

We spent a picture perfect afternoon at the Montreal Jazz Festival with the kids yesterday.  They played in the water fountains at Place-des-Arts, enjoyed the games and activities at the popular Parc Musical Rio Tinto Alcan kids' area and happily joined in with street performers.
My younger one randomly ran up and started performing CPR on the clown.  He had the crowd in stitches!  I'm thinking theater lessons next fall?

We ended the afternoon in Chinatown for dinner... I'm still full this morning!  The boys loved walking around and visiting the shops chalk-full off Pokemon and other random junk!  In the van on the way home, they were discussing how cool downtown was, and how they look forward to bringing their money next time we go to China!

I LOVE Montreal!

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